Types of Services

  • Weekly Meals

  • Fun & Interactive Cooking Sessions in Your Home

  • Cooking Lessons For Your Little Ones

  • Couples Night

  • Ladies / Guys Night

  • Client Appreciation

  • Team Building

  • Healthy Eating Seminars

  • Intimate Events

How We Work

First step would be to pick a consistent day and start time that works best for you. I am typically in your home 4-5 hours. 


I will then send over a few food and goal related questions. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire I can plan your first week of meals and get started on your shopping list. Clients normally do the shopping, but I can shop if it’s an added convenience for you. In that scenario the client pays for the shopping time and food. 


I will build menus weekly around your pre-arranged goals and tastes with a focus on healthy meals with lots of variety. I will prep, cook, pack, label your meals, leave instructions and tips for the week. 


Lastly we can discuss what your budget is for this type of service. Our minimum booking starts at 4 hours.